Quick update before long post...

Declan and I had our 6-week check-up yesterday. All is going well, and the little man is not so little any more! He is over 14 pounds (the midwife's scales only go to 13 in measuring, she guessed 14 to the bottom, and he completely bottomed out), and is 24 3/4" long! I can't believe how much he has grown since being born. I took dinner a few nights ago to a friend who just had another 9 pound baby, and couldn't believe how tiny he looked--yeah, tiny, right--compared to Declan. He also is growing his new hair, and it's lighter than the hair he was born with!

Stay tuned for the Thanksgiving post!

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  1. Oh so fun! Tia--you have such a beautiful family and seeing pics from your last few posts really made me miss you all!! Hope we will come visit there soon--it's been way too long!