More exciting news

So We found out that we are having a baby in September, and the ultrasound technician said she is 70% sure it's a boy. Lydia has already started calling the baby "Fuzz Ball" and when Brian asks what we should name him (we're going with the 70% chance) she is adament that his name is going to be "Fuzz Ball." I don't know how well that would go over throughout his lifetime. So we are on the hunt for boy names. Wish us luck!


Speaking of cats...

If you read my previous post, you will notice I referenced a poem about cats. Well, I was not foreshadowing in any way, but exactly one month ago yesterday we got two free kittens. They are very well behaved, and are cute little things. Lydia wanted to name one of them "Klinker" in honor of one of her favorite books (I think it is my favorite from when I was her age) entitled "Big Bad Bruce" by Bill Peet. I would highly recommend any of his books as the illustrations are fantastic.

Sorry for the divergence; the second cat was dubbed "Belle" because Lydia loves princesses. So without further ado, a picture:Klinker is the kitten with his eyes open, and Belle is fast asleep. This picture was taken the day we got them, and boy have they grown in the past month.They are such great kittens that they will let Lydia and Benjamin tote them around like babies all the time. Benjamin calls them his "young babies," and when they get out of his arms he will run after them shouting, "Young baby, come back!"I love this picture because of the look on both faces...Lydia's of sheer delight, and Klinker's of pure indifference.

Sleeping Accommodations

Lydia and Benjamin are huge fans of sleeping anywhere but their designated beds. Here are just a couple of places they have attempted to sleep as of late.The infamous "pillow bed."
"Momma's bed" is always a favorite of Benjamin.On top of the kid table?
Reminds me of a poem by Eleanor Farjeon that I had to memorize in 5th grade, entitled "Cats Sleep Anywhere." Read it, and instead of cats, substitute "Tia's kids."


Playing catch up

So a lot of things have happened in the past little while, and I will be updating rather frequently in the next few days, so you might want to scroll down to make sure you get all posts before you sign off--that is, if there is anyone who still reads this!

Stay tuned!