Baby Bumblebee, Dinosaur Rocketship, and Happy Birthday Cat-Cat's

Isn't he an adorable 7-month old baby bumblebee? Benjamin got this cute little hat from his Sunbeam leaders, who, sadly, are moving.What might look like a mess of toys, I was informed, is a dinosaur rocketship and launching pad. I love how creative my children are. And last, but certainly not least, we have managed to keep our kittens alive for an entire year (I assure you this is quite a feat). Happy birthday to Klinker and Miss Belle!


Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...

How does my garden grow? That is a good question, because as of right now, I am still waiting for a sign of green in my garden. It all started Easter weekend...

Brian's grandparents came to visit for Easter. Grandpa told me he wanted to help me get my garden ready, and even brought me some seed potatoes! I might be the only person in New Mexico to attempt to grow potatoes here. Lydia and Benjamin were great helps, and even made hearts in the dirt with their feet prints. You see the quality of dirt I have to work with.Grandpa and I hauled a few loads of top soil to mix in with the garden plot. Benjamin loved helping rake it into place. As you notice, between the first and this picture (a span of about 2 hours), we went from cold and rainy/snowing to sunny and warm. Welcome to New Mexico!
Even Mr. Tiddlywinks wanted in on the action.

A friend of ours tilled the garden for us, and I got a painful sunburn this past Saturday getting the garden planted. I still have some squash to plant, as well as some tomatoes, strawberries and herbs but all -in-all, I am watering and praying that my efforts will bare fruit (yes, pun intended).

(This is how it looked as of this morning. We need to finish our fence and get the planter boxes finished, but I am so excited for my garden!)


Mother's Day Musings

I love my three kids...they are so full of character and laughter that they keep my days from being dull. That being said, without them, I wouldn't get adorable Mother's Day cards. Brian taught Sunbeams while the ladies got to go to Relief Society yesterday, so I helped him make cute little cards that the little kids could draw on for their mothers. Needless to say, I was glad that Benjamin was in the class, because I got one too!

If you want to know how to make these adorable, yet ever-so-easy flowers, go to get your craft on at the adorable Jones Design Company. My husband was so cute to watch as he was attempting to roll the flowers himself. We make a good team, I might say!

Here's hoping you all enjoyed your Mother's Day...I know I did! There is nothing like ice cream and Wacky Cake for dinner, ahem, and breakfast too!

P.S. I know I need to update...keep watching because I am going to be posting a lot over the next couple of days to catch up.