Perfect Imperfections

So I have a confession to make. I am not the world's perfect mom. My children don't always look like they have walked out of the pages of a magazine with clean faces, clothes and perfect hair (most of the time I am lucky if Lydia lets me brush hers). My house--gasp!--doesn't always look perfect, and I am pretty sure there are toys stuck in the weeds outside that the kids say are "certainly" put away where they are supposed to be. But even though things are not perfect, especially myself, I enjoy every moment I get to spend with these two little cuties.

We stop and smell the flowers, in our pajamas.

We don't make our beds as soon as we wake up (sorry Mother).

We generally act goofy.

We have scratches and bruises all over ourselves (especially our faces) from playing outside all day long.

We paint outside the lines,

and fall asleep on the floor after a hard day of playing.

Despite our imperfections, I would say that I have the most perfect family I could ever wish for. I would not trade one perfect imperfection for the world.


Happy April to me!

So I was taking the garbage to the curb this morning, and lamenting that it is April, because my yard is pure dirt with a few cacti to dot the landscape. April is about flowers and green and beauty, but not in my yard, or so I thought.

Well, I was wrong! Out of the corner of my eye I saw a splash of red, and what was it?! You guessed it, a tulip! (Which happen to be my favorite flowers...thank you people who lived here before us for doing at least that right.) I was so excited that I had to grab my camera to document this momentous occasion. I want to know exactly how it has survived all the beatings it has gotten, being stepped on for the past few months to name one.I also noticed that the nasty bush that lives next to the garage pad has put out the most beautiful, delicate yellow flowers. The ones closest to the ground have blossomed because the ground has been pretty warm for the past few days. Another splash of color! So I wish you all a happy spring, a great Good Friday, and a wonderful Easter to boot!