Dancing in the Rain

Lydia has loved dancing in the rain for the past couple of years, and the lovely rain storm we had toward the end of last week gave she and Benjamin the perfect opportunity to go do just that. It rained all afternoon, making the sky dark around 4:00 p.m. How I love the autumn! F.Y.I., rain does not wash peanut butter and jelly off the face. After they were soaked through, Benjamin and Lydia begged for pajamas, blankets and hot chocolate--it was only 68 degrees outside. Nothing like wearing pajamas for the rest of the day!


In the Leafy Tree Tops...

My kiddos are sleeping! They decided that they were going to haul their pillows and blankets outside and nap under the crisp blue autumn sky! How fun is that?


Simple Pleasures of Life

I was thinking the other day about how easy it is for myself to get caught up in things I "need" to do, and how I don't take enough time to do things I "should" do, like enjoy the beautiful sidewalk chalk drawings my kids draw for me, and the flowers they pick for me from the back yard. Lydia drew a princess with a polka dot bow.
Benjamin drew a witch (who surprisingly looks like Popeye).
How I love those little feet--as well as the babies they are attached to--that snuck into the pictures. May we all enjoy the simple pleasures our children present to us every single day.


Baby Time

So Fuzz Ball has not come yet. We got the baby car seat over the weekend, and it has already been taken over by babies; Lydia's babies, that is. She was the photographer for this post, so enjoy!

Notice how carefully she wrapped her baby in the blanket. She keeps telling me all the things she is going to do for her baby brother. I think she is excited...she keeps asking me, "Is my baby coming yet?!" She also told me yesterday afternoon that I could go play while she made lunch. It was fabulous!

In other news, I have been feverishly trying to get done with a couple of baby projects that I have been working on before Fuzz Ball decides to make his appearance. Asa and Paula brought me home some adorable burp cloths from their trip to Idaho--yes, I was homesick when they told me they were going--and I realized I had only two burp cloths (the two they brought). I have two kids already and have no burp cloths to show for it...how sad is that?! So I have been making burp cloths with an adorable flannel fabric I found at JoAnn's and birdseye cloth diapers. Fun times here! (And yes, we still do not have a name picked out, as you can tell by the references to Fuzz Ball.) Here is hoping the next post I make is about an adorable little man.



So I haven't made jell-o for years (at least 10), and when we went grocery shopping this week, Benjamin and Lydia fell in love with the idea of making some. They each got to pick a flavor (Lydia wanted orange and Benjamin wanted strawberry) and we went home to make it! Lydia made her orange jell-o all by herself...I am very proud!
I didn't get pictures of Benjamin making his jell-o, but they loved eating it, and I think we will be making a lot more jell-o from now on.