Date Night

Lydia loves the idea of date night, especially when Brian and I tell her we are going on a date. She loves asking if she can go on a date with Brian. (Too cute!!!) Last Friday Brian and Asa (Brian's dad) were in Blanding, Utah, so Paula (Brian's mom) and I decided to go on a date. Lydia was so excited to go play at her friend's house, and she told me she needed to get ready for her date too, so these pictures are of she and Benjamin all dressed up to play on their date with friends.

I cannot believe how big she is getting; yes, I think I will cry when she goes to school, but thank goodness I still have a year and a half to prepare myself for that. (Note her love for jewelry.)

My little man is so funny...he is in the stage where he wants to see the picture, even if you are unable to get one taken fast enough. After a few tries, this is the closest I got to him looking at the camera. (Note his love of trains.)

They just look so cute and docile here...

My beautiful little kids have such personality that shines brightly through! I always capture them at their funniest! If I remember correctly, Lydia was starting to lick Benjamin's cheek and Benjamin was growling at Lydia. Such love!


My little readers

Lydia and Benjamin love to read books. They will sit for hours on the couch or the floor reading their books, and they will shout out things like "Mom, it's a giraffe!" or "Mom, let me read this book to you!" It makes me stop to think what great kids I have!

Lydia is in the habit of cheesing when I take her picture lately...it makes me laugh, and also makes for some interesting pictures.)

A Tired Little Cyclist

Last Saturday Benjamin and Lydia were in the back yard riding their bicycles. I had to take Lydia to go run a few errands, and when we got back, this is what we found.

Turns out he was too tired to take his helmet off before he zonked out!


After-Christmas Slump

I don't have anything witty to say, and my house is a wreck. Why is it that when you take the Christmas decorations down your house feels barren and lonely? Maybe it feels especially so because my house had no decoration in it before I decorated for Christmas, and now it is feeling especially forlorn. I want to move my furniture around in my living room, but really don't have much to work with. Any suggestions? You will have to pardon the dirty floors, trains/tracks and dirty fireplace. My next project is refinishing the fireplace, so that is kind of a moot point at the moment. I want new couches and new rugs and chairs...something that doesn't scream "Yes, they have had me since they were in college, and we weren't new when they got them and we clash with the freshly-painted walls!" Goodness I'm in a slump! I wish I could sign up for one of those decorating shows where they come in and decorate your entire house for free! That would be nice, but probably won't happen any time soon. I think I am going to take my Christmas money and see what I can do for this tired-looking room. Stay tuned and I will show you what happens!