Since we moved into our house a year ago (it is hard to believe we have been homeowners for a year), we have completed a lot of work. However, we have neglected the 1/3-acre back yard, and it has been affectionately dubbed "The Jungle." The kids loved to play in the jungle, but since it was taller than their heads in some places, Brian and I decided it was time for "The Jungle" to go.
This is actually a picture of the pretty little orange wild flowers, since Brian had already started mowing, but you get the point that the whole yard was about this tall, with mainly nasty weeds, dirt, and rocks. Yay for a lawn mower, complete with a handsome lawn mower man!Benjamin was helping me pull some weeds as well as harvest a bunch of spearmint that a previous owner planted in the yard. They obviously didn't realize how rapidly spearmint spreads. Lydia left to get her gloves just before I took the picture.Both kids decided it was time for a tree climbing break. I am glad we have some mature trees they can climb. I do not remember having that opportunity when I was growing up, but my kids get plenty of monkey practice.

Not only did we get the satisfaction that some mowing is complete--we have to finish the yard tonight for Family Home Evening--I looked out the front window after we had come inside and saw this beautiful sight.

There really is nothing like the New Mexico sunsets, and I get to see every one out my front window!

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