My little readers

Lydia and Benjamin love to read books. They will sit for hours on the couch or the floor reading their books, and they will shout out things like "Mom, it's a giraffe!" or "Mom, let me read this book to you!" It makes me stop to think what great kids I have!

Lydia is in the habit of cheesing when I take her picture lately...it makes me laugh, and also makes for some interesting pictures.)


  1. Cute picture! Sadie is in the cheesy stage too! I can't believe how long Lydia's hair is getting!

  2. I love little kids reading books out loud. It's seriously adorable.

  3. You are a great mom, giving them the Core they need and teaching them to love to learn....they are already getting a leadership education. Love her hair, so pretty, like her mom. Have you read Thomas Jefferson: A Leadership Education By: Oliver Van DeMille? Everyone should read it if you are concerned about our country and what we can do to change for the better. The answer is in how we are raising out children...they are our future!