Date Night

Lydia loves the idea of date night, especially when Brian and I tell her we are going on a date. She loves asking if she can go on a date with Brian. (Too cute!!!) Last Friday Brian and Asa (Brian's dad) were in Blanding, Utah, so Paula (Brian's mom) and I decided to go on a date. Lydia was so excited to go play at her friend's house, and she told me she needed to get ready for her date too, so these pictures are of she and Benjamin all dressed up to play on their date with friends.

I cannot believe how big she is getting; yes, I think I will cry when she goes to school, but thank goodness I still have a year and a half to prepare myself for that. (Note her love for jewelry.)

My little man is so funny...he is in the stage where he wants to see the picture, even if you are unable to get one taken fast enough. After a few tries, this is the closest I got to him looking at the camera. (Note his love of trains.)

They just look so cute and docile here...

My beautiful little kids have such personality that shines brightly through! I always capture them at their funniest! If I remember correctly, Lydia was starting to lick Benjamin's cheek and Benjamin was growling at Lydia. Such love!


  1. Your kids are adorable. I've always been curious if the boy-girl dynamic is different than the boy-boy one.

    I hope you had fun on your date. I definitely need more of those myself!

  2. What cute kids!!! Don't you love it when they are lovin' on eachother...They do grow up too fast!

  3. Tia, I hope you get this!! I never get on facebook! It drives me crazy and sucks all my time, but I did get your message. I made my blog private and so I need your e mail address so I can invite you. Will you send it to me through facebook and I will get it and invite you?
    Thank you! Hope all is well. Still waiting to see makeover pics of your house.. .