My cute kids!

I would have to say that my kids are so adorable! Lydia had a friend named Andrew over today; he loves to climb trees. We have some old apple trees in our back yard, so obviously he climbed right up! Benjamin got it in his head that he could climb a tree too; I had to put him in and get him out, and he didn't move a muscle while in, but I got some really cute pictures of him. I also love that the leaves are changing color! Autumn is my favorite season, hands down!


  1. I agree - he's adorable! He looks right at home in the tree!

  2. He is so cute! I can't believe it's been so long since we've seen your family.

  3. Yay! I love that boy! He looks so big in those pictures. Much love! Oh, and we're all still waiting for photos of your house!