When I was at BYU-Idaho, I had a good roommate who would always use words like "twinners." That word has stuck with me, and I have evidence that my two darling children could be "twinners." Just look and see for yourself.

Benjamin, age 20 months, blackberry jam on his face.

Lydia, 18 months, raspberry jam (with p.b.)

Even their hair (color and style) is exactly the same! Besides the fact that Benjamin is slightly skinnier than Lydia was at the same age, it is an indisputable fact that my children could have been "twinners." Now we know that neither of them were switched at birth.


  1. Holy cow Tia, I thought you were announcing what you and I know to be inevitable, you getting pregnant with "twinners", HA! It's crazy to see those pictures, so cute! Love your kids, and YOU! Katie

  2. They look so much alike! Its crazy to see how grown up Benjamin is- he was so tiny last time I saw him! I love that you have a blog now so I can see what you are up to. Lova ya! Kelsey

  3. So cute! I finally remembered to check your blog page... I can't wait to see updates with pics of your new house!

  4. That's funny! That's great that you were able to take pictures both times! You should be able to connect to my blog now, but just in case, the address is: jmyoungfamily.blogspot.com