School Girl and Other News

We just got our camera to work on our computer again, so I have a back-log of posts to complete this month. I figured I would start with most recent and work backward, since the most recent involves a certain little girl in our family.

Lydia has been waiting for a whole year to go to school, and she started school this week. She has come home every day, and has spoken of nothing but school. What a cutie! In other news, the youngest of our family, Mr. Tiddlywinks by name, has decided as of Tuesday this week that he is a walker. He still has a hard time walking on carpet, as we found out this evening at Brian's parent's house, but he is becoming incredibly proficient at the art of being biped. He chooses when he wants to walk, and will not do it on command. Thus, I do not have a video of the wondrous event; however, I was able to catch him via photograph mid-walk, fully clothed, in the running shower on Tuesday evening.

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