Microwave Duty

We had a fabulous weekend, and until I can get the camera unpacked and pictures uploaded, you are getting a post about what I have been doing this morning, and a few secret tips on how to make one of the worst jobs a snap.

I am what you would call a sporadic microwave cleaner. I won't tell you the last time I cleaned it, probably because I do not remember when that glorious day was. "But Tia," you say, "if you wiped down your microwave every evening, it would remain spotless and you wouldn't have to go at it with elbow grease once in a blue moon." Well, I don't go at it with elbow grease, just wipe it down every once in a while when it seems to be particularly in need. I should have taken a picture, but did not, and there do not seem to be links to dirty microwaves on the internet. I am sure you can imagine a dirty microwave, though. Perhaps all you need to do is open your own microwave to imagine.

You are probably wondering why I said all I have to do is "wipe it down" when I clean it. Don't worry, I used to scrub at the caked on goodness, and it would take a half hour to get it clean, but that was before I worked as a waitress previous to my marriage. For those of you who have worked at a greasy spoon, you know that the microwave is one of the worst places in the kitchen, and it is a waitress' job to clean the microwave. A seasoned waitress gave me this tip, and I am passing it on to you.

**Disclaimer: You all probably have some secret recipe for cleaning the microwave, for those of you who do not, or want to branch out, give it a try.

1. Get a cup.
2. Fill half full of water.
3. Put in microwave and microwave on high for 5 minutes while you unload the dishwasher, etc.
4. Once finished, leave it in for 10 minutes while you do something else.
5. Simply wipe, because the steam loosened everything.

I would suggest wiping the top off first, then work your way down. It goes faster this way. All in all, it takes about 3 minutes of effort to get it sparkling, about 18 minutes total! If you have a particularly caked on microwave, you may want to let the water sit for longer than 10 minutes to let the steam work its magic.


  1. I learned that trick a couple of years ago, it is great. Although now I don't even have a microwave in my house. That has deffinatly been a trick. No more spontanious meals or snacks I have to be prepared, but I am likin' it!!

  2. I am the sane way when it comes to cleaning the microwave! I just think other things are more important! I haven't tried this technique but definitely will when my microwave duty comes around again!

  3. my favorite part of this whole post is step number one: get a cup. for some reason this just made me laugh!

  4. I don't use a microwave, but if I did I would use your sage advice. How are you feeling, by the way?