For the love of mud!

So my kids absolutley love mud. They see it, and, most definitely, it will be tracked in. It also helps that because of all the snow that is slowly melting in our back yard, we have a literal bog/pond surrounded by glorious heaps of mud (i.e. mud pies and castles). Today was no exception. Both kids came in looking like this... Lydia had already headed into the shower, so we did not get a picture of her in all her muddy finery, but here is the muddy finery of both laying in its usual spot by the back door while I ushered them to the shower...
I also thank heaven every day because I have hard floors. Could you imagine trying to clean this up every day on carpet?
I am so lucky that my kids love to play outside and are very content with using their imaginations to help in the entertainment department. Now if I could just get them to play in the mud without getting it all over themselves, that would be helpful to cut down on the load of laundry I do every night when they are finished playing.


  1. Tia, you are a wonderful mom, I would be yelling at them to strip outside, before they come in the house and get mud all over. Well I wouldn't even let them start to play in the mud before it wormed up enough outside to spray down with a hose. Thanks for being a great example to me, I need to lighten up, after all it is just mud and will clean up!! Love ya

  2. Oh so cute! And you are a good mom to let them come in being all muddy! Thank goodness for washing machines and wood floors!

  3. Yay for those little rascals, I bet they have so much fun! I can't wait to get Ruth her own backyard too! And yay for the MELTING snow, spring is almost here!