Introduction to Blog-dom

I finally decided that I was going to give in to peer pressure and start a blog. It also helps that I can keep my family posted on the goings-on of our cute little family; nonetheless, no matter my excuse, I started one. My hope is to document the lives of my beautiful children to remind me on the days that I feel like I could use a huge break from being a mom, that life is too short to try and wish it away. So I guess I am doing this more for myself than for any readers that might come along.

Benjamin, who decided that he was not going to nap today, sat talking, screaming, crying "Mama!" at the top of his lungs for two hours. I had been sitting with Lydia (the only way I can get her to nap), and went in to see what he was doing. Well, my little man was pacing around his crib like a caged lion. He had taken his shorts off, thrown his blanket and "hipomopotamous" out of the crib. It was too comical! I had to sit down and laugh for a minute, because I had been slightly angry when I went in. Yeah, naps are important, but memories of cuties is more important than that.

Lydia called her uncle Nate on Sunday night to see if he wanted to go camping (we may or may not be going, depends on numerous factors that I will not go into). They somehow got cut off, and Nate called back. She said, "Thank you Uncle Nate for calling me back." There was a pause, and she cupped her hand over the mouth-piece and whispered, "he said, 'not a problem.'" She really is quite the little girl. I am very grateful that I get to learn so much from her.

As a completely unrelated side-note, you may be wondering why exactly I have chosen the blog title that I have. First off, I love puddles, but sadly, there are not enough puddles in Santa Fe. Rainy days are wonderful; they make you want to curl up with your favorite book in a over-stuffed arm chair next to the windows so you can enjoy the sound of the rain on the panes of glass. Secondly, my favorite poet is E.E. Cummings. He is fairly well known, but I fear, not well appreciated. My favorite poem is "In Just." It basically documents spring from a child's perspective, and one of the lines states: "when the world is puddle-wonderful". My other favorite talks about the world being "mud-lucious," but that didn't quite jive as a blog title.

So good-bye for now, my readers. I cannot call you faithful, because as of right now, there are no readers; hopefully, one day, someone may stumble upon my attempt at preserving the "spring" of my children's lives and laugh, as I have, at their antics.

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